Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Magazine Recycling 1-2-3

As a designer and an extremely visual person, one of my absolute favorite things to do is to look at magazines. Between my husband and I, we have at least 5 subscriptions. If you think I am overindulging, you have no idea how much I am holding back on several more. In order that my obsession have less impact on the environment, I have devised several strategies. First, agree with a friend or family member on two magazines you both enjoy, each person orders one, then trades them every month when they are finished. (Works best with someone who lives nearby) Second, keep a pretty basket by the door and offer your old mags to guests. Third, drop off your magazines at a local library or thrift store. The money goes to a good cause and you get a tax write-off! While you're there, you can pick up other environmentally-friendly obsessors cast-offs for only 25 cents.


Larissa said...

Great tip! I'll have to take home a magazine or two next time I come visit. You're probably not interested in any old issues of Wondertime or Psychology Today, are you? =)

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