Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sometimes working at home can be depressing. I'm indoors all day and my usual uniform is sweats. There is nothing like a pair of sweats to make you feel like you are supposed to relax or have the flu. I decided that I need to start "dressing for work" as if I were going to a real job. That's so funny, because I am always defending myself that what I do is a real job. Anyway, I have found that how you dress can really affect how you feel. For instance, if I am tired and/or not feeling so hot, I like to dress up so I will feel better. If I am nervous, I will wear my favorite outfit to boost my confidence. Today was the best day to start! In the midst of the several on and off weeks of rain, this week has been up to 80 degrees warm! So today was the first day that my arms and toes have been seen since at least October. This Spring my goal is to not buy anything new. So, I will be sharing some outfits with you that incorporate previous seasons trends with items I have found in my salvaging excursions. Today's outfit is a blouse I bought last spring on sale at Urban Outfitters and a pair of Levi's skinny jeans from Anthropologie (this is going to be a hard store to resist). Accessories include a pair of thrifted gladiator sandals which are a must have this season if you don't already own some, a flea market gold chain and bead necklace wrapped twice, and vintage sunglasses. Oh, I almost forgot my favorite bag...a vintage snakeskin bag that makes me feel like Mary's amazing how much I can fit in there. Unfortunately, the straps are slowly breaking. :)


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