Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I was just browsing through some of the newest Fall '08 Ready-to-Wear Collections and I almost skipped Alexander McQueen. I know, he's a really talented designer, but I usually don't get him. I find it hard to see past the odd head adornments...I distinctly remember last season...a swarm of butterflies, a hot pink fencing mask and something that resembled a hershey's kiss. It's hard to enjoy the clothes when you are cringing. So this season, I gave it another try. If you can see past the large peacock in the second to last post, you will recognize the beautiful workmanship of this true couturier...and this is his Ready-to-Wear Collection!!! I especially love the sweet 50's shapes contrasted by the dreary fabrics. Oh and I almost forgot...I left out the second half of the collection because it was a little too Queen Amidalaish for me. Props to Mr. Mcqueen!!!


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