Monday, April 28, 2008

Dresses that Twirl, the sequel.

When I wrote the first segment of "Dresses That Twirl" I was trying to make a short movie clip from some footage I took at our last photo shoot. I attempted to use iMovie for the first time and as with every other program I try to use, I am completely lost at the beginning. I feel like a survivor of Oceanic flight 815, or maybe just a viewer who's trying to figure out just what kind of game Ben and Charles Widmore are playing? Anyways, I am just not very good with computers. It took me several days of coming back to this to make it work and to figure out how to compress the file so I could put it on my blog for you to view. Everyday I have struggles and everyday I grow...I guess I can't complain. Sometimes I get dizzy and sometimes I fall down, but I always get back up and keep twirling! Enjoy Katie's video metaphor for my life.


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