Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am back in town and have been buried under a pile of work. I think vacations are a little more complicated for business owners...when you return home, there is exponentially more work. Well, we had a great time in Sedona. It is absolutely beautiful there and the wedding was amazing...I will be posting pictures soon! Thank you all for your patience and well wishes while I was away.

In other news...
For the past few months Salvage Life has had Nathan Huesmann taking lovely photographs of all the garments. We are so thankful for the talent and hard work that he dedicated to us. Due to some recent life changes, he will no longer be with us and we will miss him very much! In the meantime, I have been learning my way around a camera, one borrowed from my dear friend Jon. Here is a peak at my first shoot. These items will be appearing in the SHOP over the next few weeks.


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