Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Amazing SALVAGE Find: Mo & Mo Jewelry

Today, while browsing Etsy I came across a new shop, Mo & Mo Jewelry. Named after the nickname that co-owners Kathy and Anne have called each other for over ten years, Mo & Mo Jewelry is a find! One-of-a-kind jewelry reconstructed from the most unique vintage pieces I've seen, such as a tin sheep or a tiny compass. What I love most is the variety of beads and findings in the chains of these necklaces. Expect to pay a fair price for these heirloom treasures and buy with confidence knowing that you have made a wise investment for three reasons:

1. You are not adding to the waste in the world caused by new purchases.
2. You will be the only one to own this unique piece of history reinvented.
3. It will never go out of style, which makes it a much wiser purchase than the $12
necklace from H&M you just passed up.

Thank you "Mo" and "Mo" for living the Salvage Life!


Anonymous said...

Nice collection..! I really like that vintage jewelry collection.

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