Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It seems every summer there are a whole host of happy couples walking down the aisle. I have gone to three weddings in the last two weeks, which I though was a lot until I was talking to a friend last weekend who confessed he was a groomsmen in 5 weddings this summer. I think that takes the wedding cake! My favorite part of weddings is wrapping the gifts. It almost makes up for the torture of navigating Bed, Bath and Beyond or some other box store only to find out that everything on the bride's registry is either out of stock or was already purchased by another guest. To start, I consider my price range and then try to purchase something that comes in a box so I can wrap it in paper rather than a bag. I then dig in my closet through the variety of ribbon and paper I have been saving. This time I decided to use pieces of left-over wallpaper from our living room...it seems I have at least a thousand cut sheets of it. I then used a different color ribbon and decorative elements for each one to match the taste of the particular Bride and Groom.

Tiny dotted feathers tucked into sheer brown wired ribbon for Marcos and Amanda.

Yellow and blue rose trim layered over green satin ribbon for Adam and Amanda.

A sparkly butterfly on cream colored sheer wired ribbon for Aaron and Katie.

Once unwrapped, the paper can be cut into cards or tags, or used to wrap a smaller gift. I always like to use high quality ribbon, so it can be used over and over again.

Congrats to the beautiful couples. Happy unwrapping!


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