Tuesday, July 29, 2008


My Best Friend Lara from San Luis Obispo visited with me for a few hours this weekend. I planned a vintage picnic at the park using:

- my Grandmother's china
- estate sale found silver
- vintage linens
- antique wooden picnic basket
- thrifted quilt

For lunch we had:

- chicken salad sandwiches
- sweet sesame salad
- flat bread with olive tapenade
- granny smith apple slices and blueberries
- organic baby carrots and hummus (actually, I forgot the hummus)
- fudge brownies
- raspberry Juice Squeeze

Bonus: I got to meet her adorable baby boy, Grant! He was very smiley, though you can't tell that from the picture.


Anonymous said...

Wow I love your blog! Lara put a link up so curiously I followed it. I would buy any of those things they are incredible finds. If only I had somewhere to go.
Well anyway I think its great, good luck!
Lara elizabeth

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