Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby Shower #2

So, I have been a little slow at posting lately and actually, at everything for that matter. I am not the most timely person as it is, but this pregnancy is really starting to get the best of me. I am feeling a little overwhelmed to say the least. Everyone keeps telling me it's good practice for motherhood, but I don't want to practice! I just want to enjoy the last bit of sanity and independence I have until the baby comes. Anyways, baby showers are one of those things that remind you how fun pregnancy can be. These pictures are from a few weeks ago when my extremely generous friend Laura opened her home to 20-something of my friends! My best friend Lara from San Luis Obispo even came down for the weekend with her son Grant! Thank you to everyone who made that day so special!

What a beautiful dress! I wish it were my size!

Mini Minnetonkas! Need I say more?

Onesie with a hippie screen print of an owl sitting on a tree branch. Love it!

I found this NON-MATERNITY dress at Forever 21 for just $32, red strappy flats - thrifted for $3.95!


hy said...

i got those minnetonkas for my friend who just had a baby too!
they are sooo darling!
i love your shop...
motherhood is insane... but you'll pull it off.. good luck!
mary jane

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