Thursday, January 14, 2010

a breath of NEW air

Why is always so hard for me to blog? I have been thinking about this post for at least 14 days now and have still yet to write it. It's not even that exciting. I'm one of those people who have so many unachieved (why is spell check underlining this?!) ideas in my head, there just isn't enough time for all that my mind thinks up. So here goes...

I'm excited about 2010, you wanna know why? Because this is the start of my 2nd year of motherhood and my 4th year as a business owner. Sometimes I think (actually, often) why am I doing this? Because I LOVE IT!!!! I love being a mom and I love my business. So this is the year of making it happen, really moving forward with Salvage Life and being a great mom at the same time.

I am now selling in two stores and it's going really well. Online sales have been steady and I have some ideas for increasing those also. I have built some great vendor relationships and am in the process of finishing the website and working on more branding materials.

Other reasons to be excited:
.Styling the Harvey's shoot at the end of the month
.Handmade Brigade Show on March 7th
.my daughter's first birthday is almost here
.teaching a class on starting your own Etsy shop

And now for the last reason why 2010 is going to be a great year....

this will have to be continued at a later time, I have to go to a meeting, this post is getting pretty long anyways.


Mama Mote said...

Sounds like a good thing going for you, Beth. So glad. Still praying about you balancing your family and work life. I'll have to check your stores before I get a job since I have some free time on my hand. Hope to see you sometime.

Brook said...

Hey are you in for the show??? I haven't got an email from you !! email the hboc email. it will be exciting!

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