Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New to You...

So it's halfway through March and we've been able to stick to our not buying anything new commitment. There have definitely been some challenges so far. One being gifts. I am not a re-gifter. Sometimes I save things people give me that don't quite suit me thinking that I will give them to someone else, but I can never bear to do it. I like choosing a gift for someone that is special and I think they will love. This year, the gift theme has of course been VINTAGE!

My dear friend and Salvage Life model, Katie, is getting married...YEAH! She had a couples shower and I gave her a 1960's wedding album that had never been used. I forgot to take pictures of it, but she loved it. Then for the ladies shower, I gave her two beautiful vintage slips which I am not showing you here because those are for her husband's eyes only. :) I wrapped them in these pretty boxes I had been saving with some vintage ribbon and a sparkly brooch on top. It was a lovely tea party and I think she liked the gift!

me and Katie


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