Thursday, April 1, 2010

All tied up.

My brother had a birthday this past month and I was scratching my head, trying to think of what to get him. I've never really done much vintage men's shopping and I wasn't sure what would fit him. Since I am limited to used items, I had to think very creatively and I wanted the gift to have a theme. So, after keeping an eye on what he wears and listening attentively to what he says, I noticed a skinny tie trend and a mention of tie clips. A thrift store trip and a couple estate sales later I had a nice little gift box going. Unfortunately, I misplaced the tie clips for a few days, so the gift was a little late, but that goes right along with everything in my life and if there is anyone in this world who gets me, it's my bro. Happy Birthday brother! I love you!

I started with this vintage box.

Wool ties from the 40's and 50's.

An assortment of tie clips.

All put together!


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