Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's What is on the Outside That Counts: Fun Wrapping Ideas

My Mommy group had it's last meeting before Christmas this week and I wanted to get my table a little something to say "thank you for being a part." Who doesn't like chocolate, especially these Swiss Dark Chocolate Bars from Trader Joe's?  I bought them because I thought the packaging was a good Christmas color and I know from personal experience that they are delicious.  When I got home, I started to think that a candy bar wasn't really enough of a gift.  Luckily, I have loads of vintage at my disposal, so I raided a bag of brooches I had, grabbed some scraps of wallpaper ( I have been wrapping gifts in this for years, it seems to never run out!) and spools of ribbon.  I think they turned out quite cute.  You can make anything special with the right packaging.


cindy-the vintage hat shoph said...

What a creative idea! I am giving my gal pals each a book and now you've inspired me. See what you've done!!

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