Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ever since the wedding I have had a lot of vintage dishes out and I realized that it's easy to host impromptu parties when your pretty things are accessible.  I may have to find a new arrangement for my dishes.  My good friend Laura came over yesterday and a long time ago, before we were moms, we used to host each other with beautiful dishes and intricate meals.  We aren't in that place any more, but that doesn't mean I can't serve Trader Joe's banana bread and fresh berries on pretty vintage plates. 
pink floral dishes ~ vintage via my great grandmother
blue tea cup ~ vintage via a rummage sale 
glass bowl ~ vintage
butter dish ~ anthropologie


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your covered butter dish! Our family collect 6" plates in all different patterns and use them for serving dessert. I use them for snacks, sandwiches and even appetizer plates. They are the perfect size!

Aerides Designs said...

Lovely - serving wonderful food on beautiful dishes makes any occasion a little more special.

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