Friday, June 10, 2011

Coral is the New Pink

I've been really drawn to this pinky coral color lately.  I kept buying things this color without realizing it and pretty soon I had a collection.  I think I like that it is feminine like pink, but with out the toddler or barbie feel.  I feel like a grown up when I wear it.
It started with this bathing suit from Target.
Then I painted my toes with this coral polish from Wet 'n Wild via Target, it 99 cents, seriously?
 Next the stripey top from Marshall's.
On to this vintage ring, it's not really my size, so it might end up in the shop!
 Lastly, this vintage recipe box from Goodwill.  

Today I bought a skirt for Ruby at a thrift store this same color, so it is still going...


Cindy said...

Haha coral is a lot easier on the eyes than straight up pink. My friend and I were discussing the merits of corals/dusty rose colors the other day lol xD

River Johnson said...

Like you, I'm going through the same coral phase! Except I also love anything stripe and can't seem to stop collecting it either.

By the way, the swimsuit is very cute!

Best Wishes!
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