Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Floral Bridesmaid Dresses and a Broken Shoe

For wedding post number two, we have the bridal party, yay! 
I had nothing to do with the boy's clothing but all of the bridesmaid dresses were vintage from Salvage Life.  I started a collection of miscellaneous 1950's floral cotton dresses that matched Camille's specifications and then each girl came for a fitting and numbered the dresses from their top pick and so on.  Amazingly, no one had the same dress as their number one, so every girl got their first pick!
 It was crazy windy the day of the wedding, so our hair was blowing all around.  And my shoe broke, hence why I am not jumping in the second to last photo (I did try, but I must not have jumped very high).  I forgot to take any pictures of just my dress, so you can't see it super close, but it was the prettiest blue floral, I will certainly wear it again.
my boys!
Photos by Dansky Photography


Kat said...

What a gorgeous wedding!

Mama Mote said...

I love the dresses and how they look so cool together. What a great look! Everyone in something they liked rather the same dress (that usually doesn't look the same or as good on everyone). All your dresses look so beautiful on each person. Really nice.

Cindy said...

This all looks wonderful, wonderful, Beth! :)

Your choice of dresses for yourself and the other bridesmaids are FANTASTIC. It really looks like they belong together though they're all individually different! <3

kim23 said...

such a beautiful and impressive wedding! I absolutely love these floral bridesmaid dresses! They look so great and stunning on each girl! You really did a fantastic job, Beth! Keep up the good work!

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