Monday, June 20, 2011

The Promise in the Sky

I don't know if you have the June gloom where you live, but when the skies are gray and drizzly, the only good that can come of it is the multiple bars of color that result.  Usually I'm not drawn to such overtly girlie things, I'm more of a neutrals kind of girl, but ever since I got this pretty rainbow dress in, I have been clamoring for rows of color.  Just looking at these makes me cheery!


Unknown said...

I have to have that dress... hope it's still in stock in a couple of weeks, when I have some $$ to spend. I think it would fit! Beautiful!

Cindy said...

That dress is perfect for this summer! :) and I feel the same..when it's rainy (where I'm at this entire week is t-storms!!) I just want some color!

The only colors I avoid are pink and neon yellow! Both do not work for me at all. hahaha

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