Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Around the Studio: new additions

I've added a few new things around the studio that bring a smile to my face.
 I found these letter at the flea market and I just couldn't pass them up!
 I have developed quite the attraction to these needlework pieces, they look so much better if you take them out of their old frames and clip them to the wall.
 This little round shelf is so unique and perfect for housing my tiny vases.
Jeff made this light for my fitting room out a wire rack I found on the side of the road.


Unknown said...

Those letters are great and I love the shadows that the light fixture casts... that is so cool!

cindy-the vintage hat shop said...

Those letters are perfect for your shop. Twas meant to be!
Love little bottles in round shelf, too. Unique.

Malayka said...

Looking great! Can't wait to see more photos from around your new shop.

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