Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can't Get Enough Cream Dresses!

If I had to choose one category of clothing to wear in the summer, it would have to be cream or white dresses.  This one has a lot of embroidery, so accessories are hardly needed.  I often wear a belt with this one, but I was feeling free this day, so I thought I'd leave it loose.
dress ~ vintage
shoes ~ thrifted
We link up for WIWW with The Pleated Poppy.


the domestic fringe said...

I LOVE your dress. It's truly beautiful.

susan jakovina said...

I love a cream or white dress too.
Had a peek at your shop - will definitely be back.

Unknown said...

Love that dress and so happy to find you via the pleated poppy. I am off to check out your shop now, love your style honey. Have a great week. ax

Linda Z said...

That is gorgeous! I love white, too. I have many white tops. :)

Mama Mote said...

Hey, Beth...Love the dress and I really like how the lipstick and the shoes just pop with color. Hoping to come visit soon, maybe in the next couple of weeks. I'll let you know. Planning to come when you're open; hoping Dan will come, too. hugs

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