Monday, September 26, 2011

First Weekend of Fall

It was a lovely weekend which started on Friday with a little trip to Whole Foods with Ruby after work.  She planted some beet seeds in a little pot and when we got home she wanted to water it for the rest of the night.  Hopefully they'll still grow.
 On Saturday I cleaned the kitchen, living room and my purse.  I always see those pretty posts about what's in blogger's purses and I wish mine looked like that, but it doesn't.  Did you notice the tissues and gazillion receipts?  I wasn't even surprised to find an almond, pistachio and a rock!
Saturday night my friend and sometimes Salvage Life model, Keslie, got married.  It was at a lovely rural site in the middle of nowhere, bohemian and perfectly romantic. Wish I took more photos, but I was having too much fun.
 I spent the most of the day Sunday, relaxing and collecting inspiration for my 30th birthday bash this Saturday.  It's going to be a nautical themed party, so I found this cute party inspiring.
 It was a great weekend that marked the end of summer.  This was a photo I took at the beginning of summer when we made popsicles with some homegrown strawberries and limes.

Hope your weekend was swell!  I'm looking forward to what fall will bring!


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