Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In With The Old...

It seems about time we have another "In with the OLD, out with the new" post around here.  The idea behind these posts is to show how I am constantly rethinking and replacing the things in my life that are "new" (ie. mostly cheap plastic) with things that are "old" (have style and quality).  This week I have replaced some of my daughter's things.
 Ruby loves dress up, she has these purple plastic dress up shoes that were a sweet gift from her cousin (we won't actually be getting rid of those just yet), but when she comes to the shop, she loves to wear all the vintage shoes I have on display.  I let her take this pair home and it reminded me that girls used to dress up in their moms clothes!
I scored this old metal buggy at a thrift shop recently (one of my best finds in a LONG time).  Look at the difference between it and it's new Target counterpart...it's metal, has sturdy wheels and someone thought about the aesthetics when they made it.   Plus, since Ruby uses them to push stuff (other than dolls) around, she can fit a lot more in the vintage one. ;)
We have lots of pretend tea parties and birthday parties around here, so there is always a need for tea cups! I actually really like these blue tea cups from green toys, so if I had to buy new plastic I'd opt for these, they are recycled and food safe.  Still though, the aesthetics aren't really there.  Yes, I let Ruby drink out of porcelain tea cups, she's only broken one and it wasn't an heirloom.  Life can be more beautiful when you aren't afraid to break something and when you are surrounded by items that are well made and look pretty.


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