Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bathroom Inspiration

What is it about remodeling the kitchen that is making me look at the rest of the house with new eyes?  I seem to be noticing all the little blemishes and unfinished decorating projects.  The bathroom is one place that could use a little sprucing up.  We choose a purpley wine color for the walls a few years ago, which has turned out to be a challenging color to coordinate with.
So, at some point, probably not right away,  I would like to repaint the walls a light shade of gray. I think it would create a really neutral palette with the black and white tile.
Then I will work in some color, while still keeping it light with this shower curtain. I just ordered it from West Elm.
Embarrassingly enough I haven't had a real soap dispenser, I just buy those disposable ones.  So wasteful!  I just picked this one up at target and I love the vintagey simplicity of it.
I've been wanting these towels from Anthropologie ever since I saw them at one of their stores a few years ago.  They remind me of a pink version my Grandma had.  Not sure I'll be buying the whole set, but I did get a gift card for Christmas, so maybe I'll put that towards a few hand towels to get started.
We currently have a white bathmat and it's not my favorite because it blends with the tile and shows every little spot and hair.  I like the texture of this one from Urban Outfitters.
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Anonymous said...

The shower curtain you picked out is so pretty! It's really amazing how a whole room can transform with new paint and a few new accessories.

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