Friday, January 27, 2012

Salvage Life's 5th Anniversary

Today is the 5th Anniversary of my first sale on Etsy.  It's crazy to think that I have been doing this for five years now.  I can still remember setting up my shop and how my husband was like "so, you just put pictures of items on the internet and people buy them?" Yep, that's what I was hoping people would do and within a couple of hours, I had sold my first item!  Look at my first photos, these were a couple of the first items that sold in my shop.  Ha, these are terrible (I still think the items are cute though), I didn't really want to put these photos in my post, but I figured if I showed them next to new photos it wouldn't be so bad. 
I think that it is extremely important to take a step back sometimes and take stock of what you have accomplished.  If you are like me, you are always pressing forward toward a new goal and feeling like you will never get to where you want to be.  The truth is, five years ago, I had no idea that this would turn into a full-time business.  I have come along way (not trying to brag, but I need to do this for myself, you can stop reading if you want).  Since I started I have sold 1766 items online, countless items at shows and through private sales.  I have gained Taylor Swift as a regular customer (thank you Taylor!).  I was featured in People Magazine, on the Today Show and several other media outlets.  I have even opened my own studio/shop space.  That's not too shabby.  It's SO easy for me to look at other internet businesses and think that they are so much more successful than me, "she has more sales" or "they have more bloggers talking about their clothes," but the reality is, everyone is on their own path and Salvage Life is making it's little mark on the world.  
All I've ever wanted is to have a little piece of this world that was my own, where I can create, dream and just be. I think I am doing just that!  Thank you for the role you have played in my success!  Salvage Life would be nothing without it's readers, customers and supporters, so I will always be grateful to you! xoxo Beth


Malayka said...

Congratulations those are fantastic achievements! Look forward to seeing what you get up to in the coming 5 years.

Jennifer Hanson @ Wuthering Iris said...

I love all the beautiful vintage finds on your site! I was at Alt too, but I don't think we were able to meet. I just wanted to let you know that you have so many lovely things on your blog. :)

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