Monday, January 23, 2012

The Story of Alt Summit told by Instagram

I had a truly unforgettable time at Alt Summit last week.  I met so many fantastic people and learned a ton about how to move forward and improve my business.  Now it's time to start setting some goals and accomplishing them!  I my photos on this trip were taken with my iphone because I decided not to drag my big 'ol canon with me.  Since the lighting conditions were less than optimal, I figured Instagram's filters would be the best way to make the photos look intentionally vintage and blurry. :)
 We stayed in The Grand America where the conference was held and it was a very lovely hotel.  Plus it was super convenient to be able to run back to the room if I forgot something, which I usually did.  First thing I did was hang up my pretties.  It was so fun getting dressed up for all the events!
 The first night we had dinner at the Tin Angel hosted by Blurb.  Everyone was ordering wine and fancy drinks.  I ordered this non-alcoholic (oh, the joys of pregnancy!) called a Kid-tini, haha!
Throughout the day Thursday and Friday there were panel discussions on various blogging and business topics, as well as delicious food like this pineapple cheesecake!
 Thursday night was the Winter Wonderland Party where everyone dressed in white.  dress: anthropologie, jacket: buffalo exchange, necklace: vintage, tights: free people, bag: salvage life.
 This is my roomie Whitney, she has a jewelry line called Bel Kai Designs.  She used to live in LB, but now she's in Indiana, so I haven't seen her in a year.  We had the best time sharing business advice and ordering midnight room service. 
 Um, this is Nicole Balch from Making It Lovely! Need I say more?  One of the first blogs I started reading, what an honor to meet her!
 The sea of white at the party. I had to take my shoes off and stand on a chair to get this one.  It was SO pretty, I hope they do it again next year!

Friday's key note speaker was the highlight of the trip!  Ben Silberman, the founder of Pinterest told the story of his career journey, slip ups, fears and all.  He was so humble and honest, it was a truly inspiring talk.  He even got a standing ovation. :) 
 Friday night there were mini parties hosted by a variety of sponsors and bloggers.  Here I am eating a macaroon at the Girls with Glasses Party, hosted by Pinhole Press.  The whole party was french themed, complete with striped umbrellas, wine and cheese, gelato, macaroons and an Eiffel Tower. 
 Some of these photos are blurry, the lighting was terrible and I just used my phone, but I couldn't leave this out.  Hellooo, this is Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind and HGTV!  Her and her husband Ken taught a video blogging class that was out of this world! 
Saturday it snowed!  And they were the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen!  I took this from the car window on the way to the airport.  Thank you Alt Summit and Salt Lake City, I had a wonderful time!


The Braided Bandit said...

The first dress picture and the photo from your chair at the white party are SO PRETTY! This looked amazing!

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