Thursday, January 5, 2012

What to Wear to Winter Wonderland

Two weeks from today, I will be at Alt Summit, an amazing design conference that I could not be more excited about!  It will be my first conference, I feel so professional. :) One of the nights there will be a Winter Wonderland Party with "Diner en blanc" as the theme, so they are asking that everyone wear shades of white.  You know I can't get my hands on enough cream dresses and I have a least 5 different pairs of cream tights, so I'm sure I can find something to wear!  I found some pretty images while looking for inspiration, so I thought I'd share.
 Bare legs probably won't do, considering it's a high of 50 degrees in Salt Lake City right now, but I like the sculptured shoulder element here and the nude pumps. 
This looks like me, in fact, if I owned those shoes (which I really wish I did!) I would have thought this WAS me.  I love cream tights with a cream dress.
Ok, these are probably brides, but they could be going to the Alt party, before they walk down the aisle.  I'm just loving the coral lipstick here!
If I could bleach my hair and look as pretty as this girl, I would do it! Then I would be head to toe white for the party!
Maybe the most fabulous coat I have ever seen.  Do you think the Metropolitan Museum of Art will loan it to me for the party? 
More likely I'll be wearing something from my shop, like this puff sleeved lace beauty.  When I was in college, they called these sleeves "leg-o-mutten" sleeves, come on, that is gross.
This cream dress is also in the shop and the purse below is going to be added later today.  If they're still around in a couple weeks, they may get packed in my bag!


mandyface said...

Love mixing white with a pop of bold color like the coral lipstick! So pretty!

Carys said...

These pictures are so pretty! Now I want to bleach my hair!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Anna/ Revolving Styles said...

so funny! i was going to do a white in winter post next week! love these pics and i love wearing white in winter!! screw it being a faux pas. have fun!

I'm Kristen said...

WOW. I actually had to go look through my closet after seeing your post. I wanted to plan outfits alllll daaaayy loooong.

This is too fun.

(ps. found your blog from the Alt. blog today! Yah!)

Karyn said...

I have been looking for winter white wool tights to go with MY lacy little dress I am wearing!(am thinking of doing a black tights, black heels combo) I love the lacy one you have. Great post, see you there.

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