Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zooming in on the Beauty

So, this hasn't been my favorite week.  Ruby was pretty sick with a cold and what I thought was a stomach flu that turned out to be asthma.  She got so upset at preschool that she threw up and I found out later that it was because she couldn't breathe.  Poor thing.  She is now on medication and doing a lot better, but as for me, it's Thurs. and I am behind on everything!  I got pretty frustrated a few times this week that I was stuck at the house and couldn't photograph new merchandise, something seems to always be holding me back from my work goals, right?  Then I was reminded that amongst the chaos and unmet expectations, there is beauty.  
Take for example, the top of my dresser...I won't even show you what it really looks like, but when I zoomed in to take these photos, I found a great deal of beauty.  When I zoom in on my life this week, I see that there was lots of time to spend with Ruby, which I will only have for the next few months. Plus she has the cutest little deep voice when she is sick, it just makes me smile.  I still had sales, despite the lack of new merchandise in the shop and I have a lovely new intern starting tomorrow, yippee!



I'm glad despite a not so sunny day you can still see the beauty in the little things. There are times where I get really frustrated and want to cry, but for the most part I know that having a sunny disposition will make things better in the long run. :) Cheers love!


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