Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easy Peasy Juice Spritzer

I thought I would share a simple spring drink that I have been enjoying almost every day lately.  It's a juice spritzer...I have always been one to water down my juice, it's just so sweet and anything carbonated is usually a hit with me.  To make this drink I use one part juice and three parts sparkling water, over ice...easy and refreshing. My favorite juice choices lately have been "Organic Strawberry Orange Banana" and "Organic Mango Nectar," both from Trader Joe's.  If you aren't pregnant like me you could replace the bubble water with champagne!  I added a fun straw and tied a few tiny strawberries from the garden on it as a garnish.
highball glass: ikea
striped straw: amazon
saucer: vintage


catie said...

so adorable how you tied the strawberry stems!!
i will be making this ♥

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