Thursday, June 28, 2012

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

If you've been following me on Instagram (salvagelife) then you've probably picked up on my preference for yellow lately.  I made some yellow throw pillows for Ruby's, bought a big yellow candles, tried on a mustard belt from the shop and cleaned a cute yellow sailor dress.
I've been finding a lot of lovely yellow things around the web lately too.  Here are some of my favorites:
 Pretty ballet flats made of recycled leather. 
This darling print comes in a rainbow of colors, it would look so cute in my girl's room.
Love this blingin' camera, not sure how often I would use it, but I would feel pretty cool holding it.
Sweet vintage inspired dress.

I feel happy and relaxed just looking at this hammock.
You can't have enough indie art prints, this one is too fun!


Tracy said...

Oh my god that hammock! Great find!

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