Wednesday, August 22, 2012

By Appointment Only...Again!

I wanted to take a few minutes to share my thoughts about some things that are happening here at Salvage Life.  We have had a really good year so far and I am so thankful to all of our customers for keeping us in business all these years, you're the best!  We have been on a steady incline of sales since we started and have been able to accomplish so much more than I imagined when I started this little endeavor.  Last year we moved into our studio space and this year, we hired our first employee!  Since we've been in our studio space, I have gone back and forth several times about whether it's a shop or studio or both and it causes me a lot of anxiety.  I want to be and do so many things and that's alright if you have unlimited resources.  Unfortunately, I don't.  I have two children, a husband, a home, a business and big dreams.  If I want to grow this thing that I started from scratch, I have to decide what I want to focus on.  
We've had our studio open on Saturdays for walk-in vintage shoppers, but I have found that the people who seek us out and make appointments, are the ones who seem to find what they are looking for.  We have reserved a lot of space in the front of the studio to display our wares in a customer friendly way and now we are in need of that space for other projects.  If you follow us on Twitter, you may have heard me mention that we are getting ready to launch a new online shop.  I decided to do a redesign of the blog as well, so you can expect to see both up and running in the next month.  All of that is to say that we are going back to appointments only and if you decide to come in, please understand that we may not have everything perfectly displayed and we might be in the middle of a messy project, but we promise to have exceptional vintage merchandise regardless. 
Sometimes it is hard to admit that something isn't working, but I wouldn't be a good business owner if I didn't.  Heck, I probably wouldn't even be a business owner much longer if I didn't.  In this case though, I am choosing to focus on what IS working...our online business is booming, our social following is growing and I have lots of plans for the future of Salvage Life.  I can't wait to see all that is in store and I'm so glad that you are along for the ride! 
Photo found here, text added by me.


Sandra at Debutante said...

Go Beth!

Adri said...

It takes a smart woman to realize that sometimes the most exciting changes aren't the best ones. Good luck with the new online shop and redesign!

cindy-the vintage hat shop said...

Onward and upward! Can't wait to see changes as they develop.

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