Friday, September 14, 2012

Cheer Up Old Timer

I love pinterest, don't you?  One of my favorite boards to collect photos for is Color, Type, Print.  It is filled with color palette inspirations, pretty vintage style packaging and floral patterns galore!  I started thinking about all the pretty things I have in the studio that inspire me the same way, so I thought I would start sharing them here on the blog.  These are some 1920's cards I picked up at an antique shop awhile back.  They seemed appropriate to share today, since it's my birthday!  I just love the designs and the greetings are pretty priceless too.  
I hope you have a fun filled or relaxing weekend, whichever you fancy.  I'm planning on doing some no-stress celebrating.  I like to go big sometimes, but I think I will save that for the years that I don't have a newborn.  Thirty was a very good year, I am hoping thirty one is just as kind.


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