Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Around the Shop: Organized Drawers

This week hasn't been my favorite.  The display on my laptop is going out and it's really not worth replacing on a six year old computer, so after taking it in to get diagnosed, I now have it back on my lap and am looking at a flickering screen.  Looks like I'm going to have to purchase a new laptop in the near future.  Ruby has been sick with her asthma again and I had to take her to the doctor today.  She had to get her blood drawn for a bunch of allergy tests.  She was wailing when they drew her blood, it was so sad.
When my family needs me more and things go wrong, it throws off all of my goals for the week.  I am learning to adjust, but it's hard.  I'm thankful that I have Amy working for me now, so at least she is getting something done, even if I'm not.  Recently, she organized all these little drawers for me, what a gift!


Unknown said...

good to see those vintage stuff. great post! sottero and midgley

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