Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I'd Wear For A Day of Shopping

If your like me, shopping is a favorite past time, not a chore.  I want to look cute when I'm out, so I'm in the mood to shop, but I have to be practical at the same time.   I'd wear something frilly, but pair it with a basic, so it's not over the top.  I'd wear low heels because I will be on my feet a lot and they they need to slip on and off easily in case I want to try some things on.  Usually I would carry a practical bag, like a cross body satchel, but this outfit really needed some color and texture.  Now if only I had a day to myself to spend shopping!
1. socks 2. top 3. necklace 4. bag 5. skirt 6. booties


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