Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mixing Vintage & New Outfit Post

One of the really exciting things about the new shop is that I get to include vintage inspired clothing pieces in our offerings!  We have had many requests over the years for multiples of our vintage items and to carry various sizes.  I have been carefully selecting items that fit the Salvage Life aesthetic and compliment our vintage clothing.  If you don't live nearby, not to worry, these will be in the online shop as well! One of the first pieces I ordered was this tulle skirt, it's so romantic and flattering.  Here I am wearing it with a vintage blouse, vintage bag and modern wedges.
blouse: vintage, Salvage Life
skirt: O2 collection, Salvage Life
bag: vintage, Salvage Life
shoes: sam edelman
ring, necklace: my own
ring: custom stamped "live simply", Lisa Leonard
{photos by Emily Goswick}


Sandra at said...

Love the combo! I'm excited about your new shop and offerings. I would love to come see it when you are up and running!

une femme av said...

Oooo I looove the skirt so much! I'll probably be picking one up ;) XS available?

xoxo | Rodellee from Adored Vintage

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