Tuesday, July 1, 2008

On our way: Bathroom Remodel Part I

Here are the pictures of the bathroom, as promised. The first three are BEFORE DEMOLITION and the second three are AFTER DEMOLITION. I am so thankful that this bathroom was destroyed! Now I am just hoping it will all go back together nicely. Luckily, nothing could be worse than it was.

We will be putting in one inch black and white hexagon tiles on the floor and white subway tiles with a black stripe in the shower...it will be similar to what you might find when the house was built in 1923. We have purchased a new cast iron tub and white vanity with black granite counter top. We haven't been able to purchase any salvaged items thus far, but I am hoping that we will be able to purchase a vintage mirror and decor.


Very tacky vanity with faux marble counter top

Scary 50's medicine cabinet is cracked and missing a handle.

It looks much lighter in the picture, but the walls are pink and to make matters worse, the previous owners liked pink so much, they painted the shower pink! Now if you understand paint at all, you'll know that it is not supposed to be exposed to that much moisture. So, as you can see, it is peeling and molding. I will be so thankful to take a shower in my new paintless shower!


Where the shower/tub was.

The ceiling.

Where the vanity/sink was.


Rice and Beans Vintage said...

Wow your house looks a lot like our "project"!

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