Saturday, April 17, 2010

Taylor Swift wearing Salvage Life!!!

Last night I took my sister to the Taylor Swift concert at the Staples Center via complimentary tickets from her stylist! We had such a good time! Taylor was so cute in person and the yellow dress from our shop looked fantastic on her. We had really great seats, in the fourth row on the side of the stage. But when she came out in the dress, she was sitting on a small stage on the opposite end of the stadium and I was pretty sad. Then my luck turned around and she came back to the main stage for the last song in that dress. It was a wonderful night and absolutely surreal to see her in a dress that just a few weeks ago was for sale in my online shop. Here are a few photos I took. The first one is to show you how far away she was before she moved back to the main stage.


Anonymous said...

So cool Beth! That must have been so exciting!-Louisa

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