Sunday, November 7, 2010

Salvage Life on the TODAY Show!!!

Salvage Life was featured in a Secondhand Shopping segment with Bobbie Thomas on the TODAY Show last Friday morning.  We were so thrilled to see our necklaces on screen and hear Bobbie talk about Salvage Life! You can watch the clip featuring Salvage Life below. To read the article and watch the entire segment, go here

Congratulations to...Catrina, she won a $25 gift certificate!  She answered the question in the last post correctly, all four necklaces were there, they were layered on the second mannequin.


cindy-the vintage hat shop said...

Congratualations!! Wow, national exposure. How great to see people loving vintage more and more. You represent us well. Thanks.

MissCat said...

Thank you, Beth! I just found out I won... I have been having lots of fun browsing around the blog (love it! love all the ideas you have been posting lately!)... I will have to "go shopping" on your etsy page when I have a chance! :) -- Catrina

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